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                      <span>Women's Track &amp; Field</span>                          <time datetime="05/02/2022">05/02/2022</time>                                                <br><strong>2022 All-State Women's Indoor Track &amp; Field University Division</strong><br>  <br>  <strong>Major Award Winners</strong><br>  Track Athlete of the Year: Lindsey Butler, Virginia Tech<br>  Field Athlete of the Year: Rachel Baxter, Virginia Tech<br>  Track Rookie of the Year: Mia Barnett, Virginia<br>  Field Rookie of the Year: Emory Pafford, Liberty<br>  Coach of the Year: Dave Cianelli, Virginia Tech<br><strong>First Team</strong><br>  Sprints – Jada Seaman, Virginia<br>  Sprints - Barbora Mal&iacute;kov&aacute;, Virginia Tech<br>  Sprints - Malika Pride, Norfolk State<br>  Mid-Distance – Mia Barnett, Virginia<br>  Mid-Distance – Lindsey Butler, Virginia Tech<br>  Multi - Alix Still, Virginia<br>  Distance – Margot Appleton, Virginia<br>  Distance – Adelyn Ackley, Liberty<br>  Hurdles – Indya Richards, Norfolk Sate<br>  Jumps - Rachel Baxter, Virginia Tech<br>  Jumps - Julia Fixsen, Virginia Tech<br>  Jumps - Victoria Gorlova, Virginia Tech<br>  Jumps - Rebecca Hawkins, Virginia<br>  Throws - Rebecca Mammel, Virginia Tech<br>  Throws - Maria Deaviz, Virginia<br>  4x400m Relay - Virginia - Anzhelika Parenchuk, Jada Seaman, Alahna Sabbakhan, Keara Seasholtz<br>  DMR - Virginia Tech - Hannah Ballowe, Star Price, Leigha Torino, Lindsey Butler/Grace Boone<br>  <br>  <strong>Second Team</strong><br>  Sprints – Kayla Bonnick, Virginia<br>  <strong>Sprints - <dfn><a href="/roster.aspx?rp_id=3149" rel="smarttag" rev="3149">Rachel Helbling</a></dfn>, Richmond</strong><br>  Sprints - Holly Mpassy, James Madison<br>  <strong>Mid-Distance – <dfn><a href="/roster.aspx?rp_id=3123" rel="smarttag" rev="3123">Brooke Fazio</a></dfn>, Richmond</strong><br>  Mid-Distance – Hannah Ballowe, Virginia Tech<br>  Multi - Meredith Engle, Liberty<br>  Distance – Miranda Stanhope, James Madison<br>  Distance – Chase Kappeler, Virginia Tech<br>  Hurdles – Layla Anderson, Virginia Tech<br>  Jumps - Dasia Mayo, VCU<br>  Jumps - Meredith Engle, Liberty<br>  Jumps - Jada Seaman, Virginia<br>  Jumps - Grace Furlong, George Mason<br>  Jumps - Hailey Huston Myles, Virginia Tech<br>  Throws - Sara Killinen, Virginia Tech<br>  Throws - Grace Artis, Liberty<br>  4x400m Relay - JMU - Holly Mpassy, Sofia Lavreshina, Arianna Eberly, Dardlie Lefevre,<br>  DMR - Virginia - Mia Barnett, Anzhelika Parenchuk, Keara Seasholtz, Margot Appleton<br><time></time><br>                      <br><time datetime="05.01.22">05.01.22</time><br>                      <a href="/news/2022/5/1/womens-track-field-spiders-mark-personal-bests-at-virginia-grand-prix.aspx">                      Spiders Mark Personal Bests at Virginia Grand Prix                      </a>                  <br><time datetime="04.30.22">04.30.22</time><br>                      <a href="/news/2022/4/30/womens-track-field-spiders-4x800-clocks-new-school-record-at-penn-relays.aspx">                      Spiders 4x800 Clocks New School Record at Penn Relays                      </a>                  <br><time datetime="04.29.22">04.29.22</time><br>                      <a href="/news/2022/4/29/womens-track-field-spiders-track-field-readies-for-penn-relays-virginia-grand-prix.aspx">                      Spiders Track &amp; Field Readies for Penn Relays, Virginia Grand Prix                      </a>                  <br><time datetime="04.23.22">04.23.22</time><br>                      <a href="/news/2022/4/23/womens-track-field-spiders-wrap-day-two-at-virginia-challenge-saturday.aspx">                      Spiders Wrap Day Two at Virginia Challenge Saturday                      </a>                  <br><time datetime="04.22.22">04.22.22</time><br>                      <a href="/news/2022/4/22/womens-track-field-pair-of-prs-highlights-day-one-at-virginia-challenge.aspx">                      Pair of PRs Highlights Day One at Virginia Challenge                      </a>                  <br>Thanks for visiting <a class="b0jlix5dy-modal__text-host"></a>!<br>The use of software that blocks ads hinders our ability to serve you the content you came here to enjoy.<br>We ask that you consider turning off your ad blocker so we can deliver you the best experience possible while you are here.<br>Thank you for your support!<br><br><a href="https://richmondspiders.com/news/2022/5/2/womens-track-field-helbling-fazio-earn-vasid-second-team-all-state-honors.aspx">source</a>
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