Java News Roundup: Java Plans for 2022, Spring Framework 6.0-M2, Introducing Eclipse Jifa –

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Thomas Betts moderated the discussion, with the goal to understand some of the high-level features and capabilities of three popular technologies for implementing APIs. The discussion covers some of the pros and cons of GraphQL and gRPC, and why you might use them instead of a RESTful API.<br>In this article, author Juan Pan discusses the data sharding architecture patterns in a distributed database system. She explains how Apache ShardingSphere project solves the data sharding challenges. Also discussed are two practical examples of how to create a distributed database and an encrypted table with DistSQL.<br>In this podcast, Shane Hastie, Lead Editor for Culture &amp; Methods, spoke to Kevin Boyle about bringing DevOps culture practices and tools into low-code and no-code environments.<br>Christian Posta shares practical guidance for how to adopt a service mesh for an organization including separating out control plane and data plane, plugging in with observability tools, leveraging gateways appropriately, rolling out mTLS safely, and overall preparing for troubleshooting and debugging.<br>How do traditional security approaches scale in Cloud Native architectures? Register Now!<br>Learn from practitioners driving innovation and change in software. Attend in-person on April 4-6, 2022.<br>Uncover emerging trends and practices from software leaders. 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More details may be found in the <a href="">release notes</a>.<br><a href="">Build 5</a> of the JDK 19 <a href="">early-access builds</a> was also made available this past week, featuring <a href="">updates</a> from Build 4 that include fixes to various <a href="">issues</a>.<br>For JDK 18 and JDK 19, developers are encouraged to report bugs via the <a href="">Java Bug Database</a>.<br>On his weekly <a href="">Inside Java Newscast</a>, <a href="">Nicolai Parlog</a>, Java developer advocate at Oracle, presented the <a href="">plans for Java in 2022</a> where he focused on the four main Java projects: <a href="">Amber</a>, <a href="">Loom</a>, <a href="">Panama</a>, and <a href="">Valhalla</a>. He provided background and current status for each project and the <a href="">JEPs</a> related to each one.<br>Over at Spring, the team provided point, milestone and service releases for <a href="">Spring Framework</a> and <a href="">Spring Data</a> this past week.<br>Spring Framework 5.3.15 and 6.0.0-M2 have been <a href="">released</a> featuring <a href="">17 bug fixes and documentation improvements</a> for version 5.3.15. For version 6.0.0-M2, <a href="">six additional bug fixes</a> for the 6.0 release train were made available with new features that include: remove an unnecessary check in the <strong><code>isBridgedCandidateFor()</code></strong> method of the <strong><code>BridgeMethodResolver</code></strong> class; and stop defining a TaskScheduler bean in the <strong><code>WebSocketConfigurationSupport</code></strong> class.<br>On the road to Spring Data 2022.0.0 and 2021.2.0, the <a href="">first milestone releases</a> have been made available. <a href="">Version 2022.0.0-M1</a>, codenamed Turing, is the first release in the Spring Data 3.0 release train featuring migration to the Jakarta EE 9 APIs and will require JDK 17+. <a href="">Version 2021.2.0</a>, codenamed Raj, features dependency upgrades and direct projections for <a href="">Spring Data MongoDB</a>, <a href="">Spring Data for Cassandra</a>, and <a href="">Spring Data Neo4j</a>.<br>Spring Data 2021.1 SR1 and 2021.0 SR8, both <a href="">service releases</a>, were made available to include bug fixes and dependency upgrades to the corresponding versions of Spring Data subprojects such as <a href="">Spring Data JDBC</a>, <a href="">Spring Data Elasticsearch</a>, and <a href="">Spring Data Redis</a>.<br>Quarkus 2.6.2.Final, a <a href="">maintenance release</a>, was made available by Red Hat. Besides the usual bug fixes and improvements in documentation, this new release features the return of <a href="">Kogito</a>, a cloud-native business automation tool that had temporarily suffered from infrastructure issues for the release of Quarkus 2.6. Further details may be found in the <a href="">changelog</a>.<br><a href="">Quarkus Insights</a>, a weekly podcast covering topics about all things Quarkus, will be facilitating their <a href="">semi-annual Q&amp;A session</a> for developers on Monday, January 17, 2022. Dubbed &quot;<em><a href="">Ask (Quark)us Anything</a></em>,&quot; developers may submit questions ahead-of-time via the <a href="">GitHub Discussion Forum</a> or on <a href="">Twitter</a> using the hashtag <strong><code>#quarkusinsights</code></strong>.<br>Versions <a href="">3.2.5</a> and <a href="">3.2.6</a> of Micronaut have been released this past week featuring: a dependency upgrade to Kotlin 1.6.0 and upgrades to Micronaut Test 3.0.5, Micronaut Security 3.2.2 and Log4j 2.1.17.<br><a href="">Piranha</a> 22.1.0 has been <a href="">released</a>. Dubbed the &quot;<em>We are down to the home stretch</em>&quot; edition, this release features: fixes to various Servlet TCK issues; add initial support for <strong><code>data-source</code></strong> in the <strong><code>web.xml</code></strong> file; and building and testing on JDK 18 early access builds. Further details may be found in their <a href="">documentation</a> and <a href="">issue tracker</a>.<br>JobRunr<br><a href="">JobRunr</a>, a utility to perform background processing in Java, has <a href="">released</a> version 4.0.6 to include fixes for: a <strong><code>NullPointerException</code></strong> when using the <strong><code>BackgroundJob.enqueue()</code></strong> method; a <strong><code>ParameterResolutionException</code></strong> when <a href="">using an earlier version</a> of the <a href="">H2 Database</a>; and <a href="">improving the granularity</a> to use the number of seconds for timing with Cron.<br>The Eclipse Foundation has <a href="">introduced</a> a new web-based Java heap analyzer, <a href="">Jifa</a>, based on the <a href="">Eclipse Memory Analyser</a> to find memory leaks and reduce memory consumption. Jifa uses Vert.x and Vue 2.0 as the main backend and frontend frameworks, respectively. InfoQ will follow up with a more detailed news story.<br>On the road to Micrometer Metrics 2.0.0, the <a href="">first milestone version</a> was released that ships with new features such as: <a href="">introduce a HttpTagsProvider class</a> to provide a consistent default set of HTTP tags; new <a href="">timer handlers</a> to instrument the code once via the <strong><code>Sample</code></strong> API; and <a href="">add a toString() method</a> to the <strong><code>SimpleMeterRegistry</code></strong> class to display all metrics.<br>Micrometer has <a href="">introduced</a> Micrometer Tracing, a simple facade for popular tracer libraries, with version 1.0.0-M1 and provides a tracing extension to the <strong><code>TimerRecordingHandler</code></strong> class introduced in Micrometer Metrics 2.0.0-M1. Further details may be found in the <a href="">documentation</a>.<br><a href=""></a>, the Friends of OpenJDK resource for Java developers, has published their <a href="">July - December 2021</a> edition of the Foojay Status Report. Google Analytics reported 84K unique visitors and 131K sessions with steady growth throughout all of 2021. Foojay usage has also doubled relative to the <a href="">January - June 2021</a> edition of the report.<br>                             <!-- author bio will be inserted by frontend -->                         <br><br><br><b>Uncover emerging trends and practices from domain experts. Attend in-person <a href="/url/f/e80ad73d-d9d4-43b8-852f-2313bdd961ce/" target="_blank" rel="nofollow noopener">QCon London</a> (April 4-6, 2022) or online <a href="/url/f/da745ac0-2c17-4a93-b864-e73a2a3732b7/" target="_blank" rel="nofollow noopener">QCon Plus</a> (May 10-20, 2022).</b><br>          A round-up of last week’s content on InfoQ sent out every Tuesday. 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