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   <a href="">     1       </a>   <br>While not as flashy as a new 4K monitor or one of the <a href="">best graphics cards</a>, an SSD can make a surprisingly big difference to your PC gaming experience. Storing their data in semiconductor cells rather than old-timey spinning plates, SSDs have considerably faster transfer speeds than traditional hard disks, and so can slash loading times right down. This also makes them generally more expensive, although prices are coming down all the time, this guide to the best SSD deals right now could help you find a particularly good bargain.  <br>  Any SSD will provide a significant upgrade over a standard HDD, but when it comes to choosing between SSDs, there are various factors to consider. For instance, internal SSDs come in two flavours: SATA SSDs, which are generally cheaper and connect to your motherboard and PSU via cables, and NVMe SSDs, which slot directly into your motherboard and can be two or three times faster than a SATA SSD.  <br>As the pros and cons of SSDs aren't always as obvious as they are with, say, GPUs, it can be easy to overspend or buy an SSD that isn't right for your rig. Our advice? Check out our picks of the <a href="">best SSDs for gaming</a>, then check back here to see if the model you want is on sale.  <br><strong>Crucial BX500 deals:</strong><br>A great option for those building a PC on a budget, the BX500 is only slightly slower than its more expensive cousin, the MX500. The 240GB version is a smidge under &pound;30 at the moment, although for an extra &pound;15 you can double your storage space.<br><strong>Samsung 870 Qvo deals</strong><br>Our Katharine-approved pick for the best large-capacity SSD,the 870 Qvo comes in various capacities up to 8GB, while also providing some of the fastest read and write speeds you'll find in a SATA SSD. That's still only a fraction of the performance NVMe SSDs can provide, but if storage space is more important to you than speed, the 870 Qvo is undoubtedly the way to go.<br><strong>WD Blue SN570</strong><br>Probably the best all-round SSD, the SN570 offers a fantastic balance of storage, price, and lightning-fast read and write speeds. Its high-performance random read speeds make it particularly suited to gaming, outperforming even the more premium WD Black in this specific regard. Amazon currently has the best price for the 500GB model, though the 1TB model is even better value.<br><strong>WD Blue SN550</strong><br>If you want to squeeze every last drop out of your budget while maintaining speedy load times, then the SN550 is slightly cheaper across all sizes than the SN570. With read and write speeds in the 2000MB/s range, it is somewhat slower than its replacement, although still orders of magnitude faster than any SATA SSD. A perfectly fine alternative to WD's more expensive models.<br><strong>WD Black SN850</strong><br>If you want one of the fastest SSDs going, the Black SN850 is a good bet. Its PCIe 4.0 interface offers a big jump over 3.0 performance, especially in writes. That said, the Blue SN570 isn't a million miles behind on read speeds - the more important factor for gaming - so arguably remains the better deal, though &pound;88 for the 500GB Black SN850 isn't the worst price around.  <br><strong>Crucial P5 Plus</strong><br>Amazon have deals on most capacities of the P5 Plus, on Crucial's hyper-fast PCIe 4.0 SSD. The 500GB model for &pound;70 is particularly appealing, although if you're willing to stretch to &pound;125, you can get 1TB of storage for slighly less than double the price.<br><strong>Samsung 970 Evo Plus</strong><br>Outside of WD's Blue SN570, the 970 Evo plus is one of the best NVMe SSDs to use the PCIe 3.0 interface. The Plus version has only a marginally better read speed than the standard 970 Evo, but a significantly quicker write speed. Both the 1TB and 2 TB versions of the drive are currently hovering around half-price off at Amazon, while the 500GB version is slightly over 40% off.<br><strong>Samsung T5</strong><br>Katharine thought the T5 <a href="">a touch pricey</a> when she reviewed it back in 2018. Three years on, prices have come down dramatically for this tiny external SSD. You can currently grab the 1TB model for a touch over &pound;100 on Amazon.  <br><strong>Samsung T7 Touch</strong><br>While similar in form to the T5, the T7 touch comes (roughly) double the read and write speeds, alongside an in-built fingerprint scanner to stop your family members sneaking a peek at that fantasy novel you've been writing. It's a fair bit more expensive than the T5, and Amazon's deal on the 1TB isn't incredible, but you can get &pound;100 off the 2TB version, which is a reasonable chunk off your bill.  <br><strong>Crucial X8</strong><br>The Crucial X8 offers similar performance to the Samsung T7 Touch, but at a considerably lower price. The 1TB version is currently just over &pound;100 at Amazon, while the 2TB version is &pound;82 off at Ebuyer. It is almost twice the weight of the T7 Touch, although 100g is still pretty light.  <br><strong>WD Blue 3D NAND</strong><br>Amazon currently has Western Digital's workhorse SSD at a decent price. The 500GB version is especially cheap - You could grab two and still spend less than the discounted 1TB drive.  <br><strong>Samsung 870 Qvo</strong><br>The excellent 870 Qvo seems to be in short supply in the wake of Black Friday, and prices are fluctuating heavily. Nevertheless, Best Buy has money off all four capacities, from 1TB to 8TB.  <br><strong>WD Blue SN550</strong><br>A couple of good prices for Western Digital's already affordable NVMe SSD. While the SN550 isn't as fast as either the SN570 or the Black SN850, it is fast enough for most PCs. The 500GB version is a fine budget buy for a smidge over $40.  <br><strong>WD Black SN850</strong><br>Got a PCIe 4.0-ready motherboard and more cash to spend? The Black SN850's speeds are worth splashing out for, especially when the 500GB and 1TB versions are on sale.  <br><strong>Samsung SSD 980</strong><br>Samsung's rival to WD's SN550 <a href="">impressed Katharine</a> with its incredibly fast transfer speeds. Currently on offer at Best Buy, the $10 off the 500GB version is a little miserly, but you can get $40 off the 1TB version, which is not bad at all.  <br><strong>Samsung T7 Touch</strong><br>Best Buy has sliced a finger or two off the price of Samsung's extra-secure SSD. You can get the 500GB version for less than $100, while the 1TB and 2TB versions have $40 and $70 off respectively. With its fingerprint scanner, it's an ideal purchase for anyone who wants to store more sensitive files alongside their game backups.  <br><strong>Sandisk Extreme Portable SSD</strong><br>Some external SSDs are, despite their portability, meant to stay in the house. Not so much the Extreme Portable SSD, which combines high transfer speeds with a ruggedised, water-resistant casing.  <br>Subscribe and get access to supporter-only articles, an ad-free reading experience, free gifts, and game discounts. 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