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The official release of Valve’s Steam Deck is right around the corner, and enthusiasts are quite curious to know about its hardware specifications, price, and exact date of release.
While Valve is yet to provide fans with a proper release date, the Steam Deck is expected to drop next month in February.
The device was originally scheduled to ship in late 2021. However, ongoing hardware shortages caused Valve to push the release date back to February 2022.
Fortunately, there will not be any more delays with the launch, and fans will be able to get their hands on the upcoming handheld gaming device next month.
While the Steam Deck comes across as a handheld console, it’s actually a portable gaming PC that packs some serious hardware and power underneath that screen.
As it’s a PC, players will be able to plug the device into a TV or monitor, and also hook it up with peripherals like the keyboard and a mouse, and even install the latest Windows OS if need be.
The Steam Deck offers an incredibly streamlined gaming experience, and it’s one of its biggest selling points, making it feel more like a console than a computer.
It will come with a Windows compatibility tool called “Proton” that will allow it to play any game that is available on the Steam library, and the system hardware specs that boast of AMD graphics will allow it to effortlessly suspend and resume games at will.
How much the Steam Deck will go for will depend on the model and version that the user is opting for. There are primarily three price ranges for the three models that will be available during launch:
The most expensive version will have a significantly faster NVME SSD storage, however, all three versions will allow the user to increase storage space with a MicroSD card. Hence, the loading times for each version can be improved considerably based on the external card.
Owners will also be allowed to replace and upgrade the stock SSD with a larger and better model. However, Valve warns against it, as the original SSD prevents electromagnetic interference with other components along with speeding up performance.
For the device, Valve chose to go for a 7-inch 1280 x 800 display with a 60Hz LCD panel and 400-nits brightness, which will have a fully functioning touchscreen set-up. This feature is likely to be one of the core selling points of the device, and an integral part of the version of the SteamOS that it will come equipped with.

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