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I just wanted to see if it was faster… And…. It is.
I order the cheepist mSATA 5030MM 480GB by TOROSUS and the Geekworm Raspberry Pi 4 mSATA SSD Adapter. The Micro-SD is a Samsung Evo Select 256gb. All from amazon.com
I started with the normal flashing to the 256gb Micro-SD. Pretty Simple. It Booted right up. I did the setup and stuff like that (wifi, blah, ect).
I just cloned Micro-SD ext4 partition to the SSD and expanded it, cloned the FAT32 partition to a spare 2gb micro-sd card i had, with gParted. I had to fiddle with the


on the SSD and the


file in the Micro-SD. And did a search to find out how to get PARTUUID (as UUID is not the same) for the new clones as gParted changes them.
And YAY I got it to boot using the SSD. So lets get to the results!
Results with the Micro-SD, Samsung Evo Select 256gb
Results With the SSD, mSATA 5030MM 480GB by TOROSUS
Well in Conclusion, the boot-up time is the same but In all reality its time to find another use for this 256gb Micro-SD.
Thanks for the Read!
UPDATE: August 2020
Well its time for a update, So today I decided to update my Pi setup.
I recently seen there was eeprom updates for USB Boot Support for the Raspberry Pi 4b @ github.com~rpi-eeprom-firmware/release-notes.md , So I decided to give it a shot!.
I found a guide Here, Using same mSATA 5030MM 480GB by TOROSUS
I changed out my USB/MSATA adapter, to a 10$ one i found on amazon. @ https://www.amazon.com/~/dp/B075FR3ZD4
So here is the new Results!

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