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When it comes to properly disposing of old hard drives, cell phones, and other data storage media – physically destroying and shredding hardware into small particles is the safest, most foolproof method to ensure the complete removal of all data. Phiston’s secure process protects organizations from legal and security repercussions that arise from corporate espionage, hackers, and data.
Research studies show data can still be retrieved even after a hard drive, for example, has been re-formatted or erased. Companies such as Drivesavers and Ontrack claim they can recover lost data from any storage device. According to Cygnus Systems, a cybersecurity IT company, “a hacker attack happens every 39 seconds and the global average cost of a data breach is $3.9 million across small and mid-size businesses.”
Phiston has pioneered the development of safe, effective, in-house, high security media and data destroyers.
Data managers can now install Phiston’s destroyers as close as possible to the point at which old data storage media are taken out of service to securely shred:
On site destruction empowers businesses to maintain full life cycle stewardship over their sensitive data and storage media.
More importantly, in house destruction eliminates the risk of handing the media over to a third-party contractor or e-waste processor for destruction and recycling, or indefinitely stockpiling them on site for later disposal.
Quite often, recycled media are surreptitiously repurposed and sold online with sensitive data still intact. The cost of cybersecurity liability insurance is on the rise.
Phiston’s devices range from simple desktop units to portable machines that enable on-site destruction and chain of custody while maintaining a quiet, OSHA compliant work environment.

Is your company in compliance with regulations for security and destruction of data stored on IT assets and portable data storage devices and media? Are you aware of your responsibilities for managing the sanitization and destruction of electronic data storage media, and the vast and intricate set of governing laws and regulations such as:
World class organizations implement corporate data destruction policies and cyber security procedures relevant to their industry to meet data sanitization compliance. Selecting the appropriate destruction methods/products and procedures to achieve high-security data destruction goals is a key data breech preventative measure. The cost of cyber liability insurance coverage is skyrocketing, mitigate the risk of a breach with Phiston devices.
The fines or damage to an organization’s reputation are so excessive that data storage devices containing company information should be treated like a valuable company asset!
Deploying Phiston’s High-Security hard drive destruction machines, prevents improper disposal and allows companies to securely destroy all sensitive data storage media devices.
A minority owned company founded in 2009, Phiston’s vision has been to make the most innovative and competitive products to secure America’s cyber security, national security and valuable business and government data. Designing, engineering and manufacturing secure data destruction products to surpass any competing technologies on the market today has given the company an edge for destroying old data storage media that often contain personally identifiable or sensitive information.
Phiston is the vendor of choice for the world’s top users of secure data, including Amazon, Twitter, LinkedIn, IBM, SpaceX, Salesforce among others, and Federal, State government agencies, universities, hospitals, e-waste recyclers, and financial institutions. Phiston’s products have been deployed throughout the US and in over 35 countries.
Join other world class companies in securing your data. Contact Phiston to learn more at  248-878-3024 or

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