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The M.2 SSDs, unlike traditional SSDs and HDDs, don’t require any wires or a lot of physical space inside your PC case. The SSD modules are small enough to be installed on a motherboard. The best M.2 SSDs don’t come cheap, but they’re extremely reliable and offer solid performance on a day-to-day basis. One of the best things about SSDs is that they’re very easy to install. As you’re about to see in this how to install M.2 SSD guide, you can install an SSD module in a matter of minutes without having to put a lot of effort. So, let’s get started:
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A compatible motherboard: Before you begin, you need to make sure that your motherboard supports M.2 SSDs. Almost all the new motherboards on the market do, so you should be good as long as you’re not using a PC older than, say, five years or so. Also, not all M.2 SSD modules are same. As such they use different keys. Your motherboard compatibility will also depend on whether the slot is compatible with B Key drives, M+B Key or M Key drives.
An image of an m.2 SSD slot covered under the heatsinkAn image of an m.2 SSD slot covered under the heatsink
A WD SN550 Blue M.2 SSD installed on a B550 motherboardA WD SN550 Blue M.2 SSD installed on a B550 motherboard
It’s worth pointing out that some M.2 SSD modules also come with their own heatsink. Such modules may interfere with the motherboard M.2 slot heatsink, so you’ll be forced to get rid of either one of them to secure the installation.
Installing an M.2 SSD is perhaps one of the easiest steps in the PC building process. A few boards in our collection of the best motherboards don’t even require you to fiddle with a screw. There’s a new locking mechanism in place to replace the screw. A lot of M.2 SSD modules are available on the market. Samsung, for one, has a lot of reliable storage options, including M.2 SSDs. You can check out our collection of the best Samsung memory products to check out some cool options. We also encourage you to check out our ‘How to build a PC‘ guide if you want a complete essay detailed all the important steps involved in PC building.

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