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Working in the data recovery field since 2014

Accelics Data System Diagnostic LLP – A combination of advanced and proprietary technology, decades of experience, professional clean rooms, and experts in the field of data recovery cumulatively enable us to recover data from all hard drives, storage devices, removable media, flash memory chips, and enterprise complex RAID storage. Our Data Guarantee Policy assures that if we cannot get the required data, no recovery fees will occur. After evaluating the storage device, our clients will receive a price quote for their recovery case. This evaluation will determine the recovery costs and the time frame needed to complete the recovery based on the complexity of the case.

Data Recovery Services

Our fees are determined by the type of storage device that has failed, the media’s physical or logical problem, as well as by the time and expertise needed to fully recover and reconstruct the data.

Once our clients approve the free evaluation results, and after we finalize the data recovery process, as part of the verification of a successful recovery, a list of files will be presented to our clients so they can identify the critical files. We will then provide the recovered data on an alternative storage device of the customer’s choosing and ship it back safely and securely.

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We aim to provide our customers with timely, reliable, and affordable data recovery services for all kinds of devices. We know the inconvenience of losing crucial data due to a hardware or software crash, so we put our all into retrieving your lost files. Additionally, our data backup services prepare you from system crashes in advance, so you don’t have to worry about losing data to a system crash again! We’re determined to establish ourselves as the most trusted data recovery company in Meerut, INDIA by consistently exceeding our clients’ expectations. Raid 5 6 10 4 5 10 5.


Accelics Data Recovery Lab is among the first data recovery company in Meerut established in 2019 and employs the best and the most experienced data recovery specialists with a mission of providing the highest quality data recovery services to private and corporate customers.


Hard drive recovery on a full range of hard disk drives including internal and external hard drives of all sizes, makes, and models. Our data recovery engineers have decades of experience in retrieving business and personal files from servers, desktops, laptops, and netbooks.


Our Class 100 Clean Rooms. They are designed to maintain exceptional air purity, containing less than 100 airborne particles larger than 0.5 microns in each cubic foot of air. Such an environment is vital for protecting the sensitive internal components of hard drives.


No Data No Charge: We stand behind our work. Guaranteed to recover data or there’s no charge. Our Data Recovery Guarantee Policy assures that if we cannot get the required data, no recovery fee will occur. we are able to recover data from any storage device.

Our statistics so far

  • 95% Data Recovery Rate
  • 100% Tally Password Recovery
  • 98% Logical Recovery Rate
  • 90% Mobiles Recovery Rate
  • 90% Mac Recovery Rate

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Hundreds of satisfied customers


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